Production Facilities

Valartin Pharma is manufacturer of medications and health products (dietary  supplements). Manufacturing facilities, laboratories and pharmaceutical warehouses of the company occupy an area of 2.5 hectares and are located in Kyiv suburban area in village Chaiki of Kyiv-Svyatoshin district in Kyiv  Region, just in 20 kilometers from the center of the capital city in direction of international highway Kyiv-Chop.

The company holds the Manufacturing authorization medicinal products from 29.04.2015 № АЕ637438 issued by State Administration of Ukraine on Medicinal Products for production of solid forms of medicinal products  in the form of tablets, hard gelatin capsules and powders of chemical and plant origin.

Production facilities of "Valartin Pharma" are designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice GMP PIC / S (Certificate of compliance with the requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP) No. 045/2021/GMP, valid until 11.06.2024) . Medication production is performed in controlled grade D cleanroom with the modern equipment of the leading world producers, such as Bosh, (Germany), IMA (Italy) and others.

The quality assurance system, facilities and medicines production equipment of Valartin Pharma, LLC meet GMP requirements  adopted in Ukraine by Ministry of Health Guidelines ST-N MOZ 42-4.0:2020 Drugs. Good Manufacturing Practice "(State governing document). These Guidelines meet the GMP requirements of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme (PIC / S), EU directives and WHO recommendations for the production and quality control in respect of products intended for trade and distribution in the country of origin or for export.

The production unit unites four production sites:

  • Solid dosage forms production site  specializes in the manufacturing of preparations in the form of gelatine capsules, mostly based on vegetable extracts. Modern technology (granulation in a fluidized bed, direct encapsulation, etc.) allow us to prevent the destruction of sensitive components and receive products of good quality;
  • Activated carbon based solid dosage forms production site . Medicinal products, containing natural activated charcoal as monotherapy or in combination with plant extracts are manufactured at this site.
  • In bulk filling and packaging production site Valartin Pharma also places production of its own branded medicines on the other certified contract manufacturing sites in Ukraine, France and South Korea  (nasal sprays, lyophilized powders  for injections, solutions for external use, etc.).
  • Production site of active pharmaceutical ingredients