About the company

Limited Liability Company "Valartin Pharma" is modern Ukrainian pharmaceutical company that is engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing of competitivemedicine  and health products (dietary  supplements).

The root of the company name was derived from the Latin “Valeo artis” means an art of creating health.  This is the mission of our company, to provide patient access to pharmaceutical care, which is one of the main components of health care access.

Despite the young age of the company, it has united some of the best professionals in the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine.  

Company executives and key experts have been actively working more than 20 years in the domestic pharmaceutical market.

The main goal of Valartin Pharma is meeting the consumer needs  in safe, efficient, quality and affordable medicines by introducing modern technologies and systems to ensure quality at all of the stages of the product life cycle.The Company is an expert in activated carbon based medical sorbents, including sorbent combination with plant extracts. Product line of the company is widely known under "Sorbex“ brand and  is in demand by consumers in Ukraine, CIS countries, Baltic States, Poland, Bulgaria, Finland.

Products, based on plant extracts used in cardiology and gynecology are actively presented by Valartin Pharma LLC.

A separate major product lines of the company are medications for the treatment of viral hepatitis B and C (combined hepatoprotectors, immuno-biological medications such as interferon alpha 2B, antiviral drugs).

The company has succeeded in investments attracting, thereby acquired the rights for the development, registration and marketing of innovative products for the viral hepatitis treatment.

Among them is the first domestic pegylated interferon alfa-2b, which has been developed by leading Ukrainian scientists and received permission to the Ministry of Health for medical use in Ukraine in October 2012.

The personnel of the company include more than 230 highly skilled professionals.

Major operating divisions of the company are:

  • production facilities;
  • quality assurance laboratories;
  • R&D center;
  • Sales and Marketing office;
  • pharmaceutical warehouses.